10 Ways to Use Instagram Product Tags

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This post was written by our Account Manger Alicia Kurz.

If your goal is to get conversions and win repeat customers, the best way to deliver a seamless shopping experience through Instagram is by using product tags. 

We’re going to break down what product tagging is, how to tag, and the best ways to use the feature for your brand. 

What's An Instagram Product Tag 

Product tagging is a feature that allows brands to tag a product in an image or Reel. When someone clicks on the tag they are shown additional information about the product, price, and description. This also gives people the opportunity to purchase the item. 

This process “shortens” the customer journey and increases the likelihood that someone will buy the product right away.

This year, Instagram opened up product tagging to everyone, offering brands a new way to sell through the platform. Now, people can tag their favourite products to help their family and friends with new finds, and it's a bonus for creators who want to tag products directly. Shopping on Instagram has never been easier. 

How To Add A Product Tag 

Luckily, Instagram has made this feature super easy — if your brand’s Shop is set up correctly. 

Step one: Create a single image, carousel, or Reel as usual 

Step two: Select “tag products” 

Step three: Select “products” at the bottom of the page

Step four: Search and tag the brand 

Step five: Tap the photo and product options for the brand will pop up to be selected. 

Step six: Hit publish 

Now everyone who sees this post can access detailed information about the product and can purchase it directly in the app, or through the brand’s product detail page. 

Note: This feature only works on public accounts.

How To Use Product Tagging For Your Brand 

Product tags have come a long way since 2016. Thankfully, users can link a product tag to their own content, tag other businesses’ brands, and view an entire shop in addition to specific products on the same post. Brands can change access levels to allow users to tag their products, or select certain brand partnerships, depending on their brand strategy. 

Here are 10 ways to use Instagram product tags and provide easier access to your products. 

1. Promote Sale Items

As you can see below, product tags automatically update and highlight sale items when the price is lowered. We don’t need to tell you that sales are great incentives to motivate shoppers. 

We love how @crateandbarrelcanada matched trending items to one of their “on sale” items, but also give users the chance to shop everything in the image. 


2. Post a Carousel 

When you have a lot of great products to show, a carousel is a great option. Each item still remains the centre of attention on its post, and your image doesn’t look cluttered with multiple product tags. We love a carousel post because Instagram will often show your post more than once to your audience by rotating the first image shown. 

@knix often uses carousel ads with single shoppable products. The individual images and single product tags give shoppers a clear idea of what they are potentially shopping for. 

3. Launch a New Product

Showcase your newest products and give users a simple way to buy them. Instagram feed posts are shown to your most engaged followers, so adding product tags and a compelling caption are the best ways to show your content. 

@smashtess does a great job of leveraging product tags in several ways to get the most impact. Below, they have partnered with an influencer, used a carousel, and tagged the same product on each page, with a link to their entire site at the bottom of the image, giving viewers multiple chances to shop. 

4. Use Your Products 

Show customers how to use your products! Simply showing a great product can be enough to peak interest, but it may not be enough to persuade a person to purchase. Customers need to be shown how this product can fit into their lives — and how easy it can be! 

We know Instagram favours video content, so try making a short-form video styling or using your products. This works wonders for design brands. The Reel from @indigo tugs on heartstrings by sharing a story that features several items like appetizer plates and a toaster. 

5. Show How to Use a Product 

Inspire viewers to shop with tutorial content. The same goes for DIYs, unboxings, and user-generated content. Any type of content that allows your audience to picture themselves using your product is the way to go. 

We're loving @maccosmeticsusa’s “what you see is what you get” video.

6. Host a Giveaway 

We love an occasional giveaway. These should be included in your Instagram strategy, but not your only strategy for growth and engagement. 

Try partnering up with brands that have a similar target market to expand your audience. Any co-branded giveaway allows the partner to share the content to their own pages, which will improve your reach. 

@hudsonsbay uses ProductTtags to make these baby products easy to shop, and they tagged the business participating in the giveaway.

7. Group Similar Items Together 

Look at the history of what your customers usually purchase together. These groups can act as a reminder to purchase multiple products that your customers might need, or offer ideas for gifting. 

@lolavie has done an excellent job of grouping together reasonably priced items to upsell each other. 

8. Showcase an Influencer

Influencers build trust with your audience because they have already created an audience with their authentic content. Typically, influencer content generates awareness and interest. When creators add product tags to their content it’s one quick step from their page to the checkout. Plus, when companies are marked as a collaborator the posts show up on both pages. 

@beis lets Shay Mitchell do all the talking with the product tag and a simple caption. 

9. Share User-Generated Content 

Even big brands like Calvin Klein share UGC. It’s like a person is leaving a review for your products on their own page. This authenticity is more likely to convert new customers than expensive brand photos. Companies can simply repost UGC (with permission) and add a product tag. 

Here @calvinklein did just that. 

10. Style an Outfit

It’s frustrating to see a styled outfit you want, but you have to rummage through the entire website to find what you are looking for. Make it simple for people to shop for the outfit by tagging multiple pieces in one post. 

@parkerandpoppy gives people the option to tap “View Shop” to see other items in the shop or select the specific items shown above with each product tag. 

Instagram says that 1.6 million people tag at least one brand on average each week on the app. The app has been working to streamline users’ shopping experiences. Now, it’s time for you to use product tagging to your advantage. Use these tips to increase your conversions! 

Remember to track how your shoppable posts are doing to see what is encouraging your audience to convert. Look out for patterns to optimize your current strategy. If UGC posts perform best, maybe it’s time to start investing in content creators. 

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