Who We Are

We create value for your business by creating value for your customers.

We're a nimble team of creatives specializing in data-driven digital marketing strategy, social media and social ads, copywriting and content strategy, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

We don't just write and publish content — we give our clients a framework for innovation by bringing structure and strategy to their digital marketing.

Our team takes the time to understand your business and your customers. We develop custom processes that allow us to act as seamless extensions of your business online and give us measurable, trackable insights that so you can connect with more customers and sell more of your products and services.

Our clients enjoy transparency, clear communication, and guidance to help make informed decisions about their digital marketing so no dollar goes to waste.

Meet the Team

Alyson Shane


Alyson is a writer and digital marketer with +20 years' experience publishing content online. She directs our strategy, handles client relations, and develops the processes that help our clients see success.

Andrea Danelak

Account Manager

Andrea is a writer and social media manager with 15 years' experience in marketing, communications and journalism. She lives for helping brands tell their stories in a compelling way, whatever the platform.

Alicia Kurz

Account Manager

Alicia is a PR major with a passion for creating memorable brand experiences. She uses her strong aesthetic and storytelling abilities to create content that stop users mid-scroll and delivers meaningful results for our clients.

Tineke Leanne

Account Manager

Tineke is a PR major with a background in marketing, events and communications. She's passionate about serving clients with their social media strategy including planning, engagement, and execution.

Hayley Dobson

Account Manager
Hayley is a writer and project manager with experience in marketing, events, and sales. She specializes in helping brands create engaging and memorable ways to connect with their communities - both online and in person.

Chelsée Curé

Branding & Visuals Strategist

Chelsée is a branding and visual identity specialist with a passion for helping clients become strongholds in their industry. Her mission is to create engaging messaging, enticing visuals and a cohesive strategy with actionable steps to reach your brand's goals.

Jess Worb

Content Strategist
& Copywriter

Jessica is a writer and social media marketer with experience writing and creating content for many different companies and people. Her attention to detail and passion for storytelling helps her create captivating on-brand content for our clients.

David Wass

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
David is a seasoned Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketer with 20+ years' experience running successful PPC campaigns. He is Google AdWords Certified and applies his knowledge to help our clients find new customers and increase revenue through paid search campaigns.

Tim Phelan

Multimedia Production Specialist
Tim is a dynamic media production and marketing specialist with 14 years' experience. He supports our clients with special projects involving video, sound, photography, interactive virtual tours and drones.