Digital marketing consulting services

Digital marketing consulting services can help you build a stronger and more effective strategy to promote yourself online, whether you’re a brand-new business or an established firm.

What is digital marketing consulting? 

Digital marketing consulting is when you bring in outside experts to do an audit of your marketing activities and develop an action plan to help you understand, measure, and track your goals.

At Starling Social, we offer digital marketing consulting services to businesses and nonprofits of all sizes. 

Our process of audit and strategy development gives everyone, from mom-n-pop shops to enterprise-level companies, clarity and actionable steps to increase their digital marketing return on investment.

Who benefits from digital marketing consulting?

  • Small business owners who manage their own social media
  • Marketing managers looking for deeper insight into their marketing activities
  • Nonprofits without an in-house team looking for direction and strategy
  • Enterprise businesses who want a fresh take on their marketing approach

Starling Social’s digital marketing audit and consulting services help you understand where your customers are online, what to say to catch their attention, and the metrics to track to measure your success.

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What does a digital marketing audit include?

Our digital marketing audits are custom-tailored to your business, and can include:

  • Audits of all existing social media accounts
  • Audits of your customer/client target audience
  • Audits of your email marketing strategy
  • Website content audits, including page copy and blogs
  • Development of guiding documents, including:

    • Social media strategy
    • Copywriting style guide
    • Hashtag strategy guide
    • SEO optimization strategy
    • Digital advertising strategy
    • ... and more!

How is Starling Social’s digital marketing consulting different?

A unique perspective

Our audits are led by our President, Alyson Shane, who has been publishing content online for over 20 years and has hands-on knowledge of how social media and content strategy have evolved over time.

She brings this perspective and deep understanding of digital marketing best practices to the audit process, and develops clear, actionable strategies that you can easily understand and start implementing right away.

No bells or whistles

We’re here to deliver quality service, not over-charge you. That’s why we don’t waste our billable time copy/pasting our findings into a fancy PDF. 

We share all our findings with you in editable Google Drive folders and documents that are yours to keep, modify and use as you see fit once the consulting period has ended.

Ongoing support

Want help making sure you’re meeting your new goals? We’ve got you covered.

Once the audit and strategy are done we meet with you to review it all together and discuss how you can start implementing it right now. Then, we follow up at regularly scheduled intervals to discuss your progress, challenges, successes, and more.

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